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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of Sustainable and Functional Polymers – Jr-Prof. Dr. Meike Nicole Leiske

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Welcome to the Sustainable and Functional Polymers Group! 

The Leiske research group focuses on synthesis and characterisation of sustainable and functional polymer materials. We design new materials from natural resources and analyse them using state of the art equipment. Tailoring the interaction of bioderived polymers with cells and biological matter is one of the major goals of our research.



Dec 1st: Maria joins us as student assistant. Welcome Maria!

Nov 29th: Jiaxin joins us for her master thesis on novel zwitterionic polymers. Welcome Jiaxin!

October: Meike is now a member of the SFB/TRR225 (Biofabrication)

October: We are moving into our own labs. Stay tuned for updates in the Galery section soon.

October 1st: Martina joins our group as lab assistant. Welcome Martina!

September 17th: For the next 3 days, Bayreuth University will host the Bayreuth Polymer Symposium. Jonas presents a poster and Meike gives a talk about the group's research on amino-acid-derived polymers.

August: Jan-Luca joins us for a research project. Welcome Jan-Luca!

August: Katja joins us as student assistant. Welcome Katja!

July 31st: Paper accepted in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics: Amphiphilic zwitterionic bioderived block copolymers from glutamic acid and cholesterol - Ability to form nanoparticles and serve as vectors for the delivery of 6-mercaptopurine

July 18th: Adrian Press visits us to give a seminar as part of the Macromolecular Colloquium

July: Natascha joins us as student assistant. Welcome Natascha!

July: Meike is now a member of the Jena-Bayreuth Joint Lab for Polymers.

July: Meike is now a member of the Bavarian Polymer Institute.

May: Alexander joins us for his bachelor thesis. Welcome Alexander!

May: The group receives funding from the 'Fonds der chemischen Industrie im Verband der chemischen Industrie' to support their work.

May 11th: Meike gives her inaugural lecture at University of Bayreuth

April: Jessica joins us for a research project. Welcome Jessica!

February: Meike presents the group's work on amino-acid-derived polyzwitterions at the Macromolecular Colloquium Freiburg

January 13th: Paper accepted in European Polymer Journal: Poly(2-oxazoline)-derived star-shaped polymers as potential materials for biomedical applications: A review

January 6th: Paper accepted in Bioactive Materials: Impact of the polymer backbone chemistry on interactions of amino-acid-derived zwitterionic polymers with cells



December 1st: Jonas joins our group as very first PhD candidate. Welcome Jonas!

December 1st: Our groups starts at University of Bayreuth! :-)

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